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Category: Career

Hotel Management

Why Communication Skills are Your Golden Ticket to a Successful Career in the Hotel/Hospitality Sector?

Introduction: The hospitality industry thrums with energy, welcoming guests from all corners of the world. But beyond the smiles and impeccable service lies a secret weapon: communication skills.  While the industry is projected to balloon to an 11.8 million strong workforce in India by 2024, many

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Diploma in Hotel Management Haldwani

Dive Deep, Not Short: Why a Diploma in Hotel Management is Your Key to Hospitality Success

The hotel industry beckons with its exciting pace, global reach, and endless opportunities. While short-term courses might seem tempting, true success hinges on a deeper foundation.  This blog post dives into why a Diploma in Hotel Management is your key to unlocking a fulfilling and long-lasting

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Hotel Management Course

Hotel Management-Courses and Opportunities

Launching Your Hospitality Career: Hotel Management-Courses and Opportunities Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. It is the 4th largest GDP contributor and employs around 320 million people in the Travel and Tourism sector in 2023, according to Unilever. You can explore the entire

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Hotel Management Course as a Promising Option After Class 12th

The hospitality industry is a growing sector with numerous promising opportunities. It’s experiencing rapid growth, with data from Foundit showing a jump in jobs from 10,276 in January 2023 to 12,141 in January 2024. This growth has attracted many multinational brands, alongside established national chains, to set up

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Hotel Management Institute in Haldwani

Career in Hospitality Sector

As, India is a developing country and by every passing year as economy is improving so as the earning capacity of the individual is increasing, this has resulted in a drastic change in the spending capacity of the Indians. Studies have showed that the Domestic tourism

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