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Recipe : 5 Tempting chicken curries from South Indian that you must try

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  • Recipe : 5 Tempting chicken curries from South Indian that you must try
  1. Chicken Chettinad– Is a classic Indian dish, from Chettinad region in Tamil Nadu, India. It is prepared by marinating chicken in yogurt, it uses a variety of spices and the dishes are made with fresh ground masalas – turmericand a paste of red chillies, kalpasi, coconut, poppy seedscoriander seedscumin seedsfennel seedsblack pepper, ground nuts, onions, garlic and sesame oil. It is served hot and garnished with coriander leaves, accompanied with boiled rice or paratha.


  1. Andhra- Style Chicken Curry or Kodi Kura – It is a spicy chicken curry recipe made with chicken cooked in freshly ground spices. This is a popular chicken curry recipe from Andhra Pradesh. It is tangy, hot, and spicy. The secret to spicy Andhra chicken curry is slow cooking, which brings out the best flavors and gives the perfect texture to the chicken. You can serve this chicken curry with steamed rice, or roti.


  1. Hyderabadi – Dum Murgh– If you are in the mood for something rich and indulgent, Hyderabadi Dum Murgh from Hyderabad, the land of nizamsand nawabs. Hyderabadi dum ka murgh or slow-cooked chicken curry is made with spice-marinated whole chicken which is slowly cooked with bhuna masala (sautéed onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes), fried onions (birista) and cashew nuts to make a rich and thick curry. You can serve this chicken curry with rice, or roti.


  1. Kori Gassi– Kori Gassi is another chicken curry that is worth trying. It is from the coastal regions of Karnataka, particularly Mangalore and Udipi. It is made with roasted chillies, spices and a mix of tamarind and coconut milk. Tender pieces of chicken are simmered in a spicy, flavourful curry creating a perfect balance of heat and creaminess. It is typically served with neer dosaappamshavige (idiyappam or rice noodles), steamed rice or ghee rice.
  2. Malabari Chicken Curry– Malabari Chicken curry is a Kerala style chicken curry made with authentic Kerala spices , coconut oil and curry leaves. The best accompaniment to this dish is steamed rice.

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